June Calendar:
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June calendar. Thing’s to do in the cottage garden this month.

June is filled with long hot days including the 21st the longest day of the year the summer solstice. This may be a busy month for you in your cottage garden especially if you are growing vegetables.

One of the joy’s of a cottage garden is a summer afternoon lazing on a bench under the rose bush so no matter how busy you are remember to take a moment to relax and enjoy the roses.

Temperatures vary all over the country and your garden will have it’s own micro climate so take that into consideration. You may need to adjust this calendar a little for your own cottage garden but it’s a good place to start.

Make a note of these tasks in your calendar.

June Calendar: Flowering Cottage Plants.

  • Take soft-wood cuttings (treat pinks as soft-wood) of shrubs to grow your own plants.
  • Place hanging baskets and containers outside and make sure they have the nutrients they need. Remember to water once a day
  • Alcea (Hollyhock), Delphinium and Lupinus can now be sown directly into the ground. Stake tall plants to protect from wind damage.
  • Dead-head early summer flowering plants, like roses. You can also dead-head Lupinus and Delphinium after they have flowered to encourage new flowers in July or August
  • Lift and divide primroses (primula) after flowering and collect seed. The seed is ready to sow outside.
  • Lift and divide spring bulbs after they have finished flowering. Divide over crowded iris.
  • Train and tie sweet peas to their support, pea sticks made from hazel or other wood look well suited in a cottage garden.
  • Plant out summer bedding plants and plants grow from seed.
  • Soak Rhizomes (Iris) overnight and plant.
  • Sow spring bedding ready for next year.

June Calendar: Herbs, Vegetables, Soft Fruit and Fruit Trees.

  • Strawberries and soft fruit will need covering, to prevent the birds from eating them.
  • Continue to sow peas, lettuce, radishes and French and runner beans to receive a constant supply of vegetables.
  • Harvest salad vegetables such as lettuce and radish. Your early potatoes will be ready too.

General Cottage Gardening Jobs.

  • All this heat is delightful for weeds. Keep on top of weeds by weeding as often as you can. Hoe on a dry day in between vegetables to help produce a good crop.
  • If your greenhouse is baking in the sun you need to create some shade.
  • Keep an eye out for pests and diseases and slugs and snails deal with problems before they get too out of control.

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