Country Cottage Holidays

English country cottage holidays are perfect for discovering old England and the English countryside. England is a wonderful place to explore either by foot through our many footpaths, or by horse through our many bridle paths or by car on country roads. Or experience a wild, beautiful England in one of our National Parks.

Enjoy your country cottage holidays in one of these cottages!

Visit picturesque villages made of stone in the Cotswolds, or go to timber frame country in the Heart of England, the South West is cob country and thatched cottages can be found all over England.

England is a cottage lovers paradise. You will just need to decide where you want to go and which holiday cottage you want to stay in, this is easier said than done as England has many beautiful destinations and of course, many stunning cottages.

This is your guide to cottage holidays in England. In this English holiday guide I will help you to discover the best of the English countryside and picturesque villages, Inns and pubs, the most enchanting country cottages, the best restaurant’s serving local seasonal fare, good farmers markets and local food, fun country festivals, and the best shops and resources for living the English cottage lifestyle.

Welcome to Cottage England….The Ultimate Cottage Lovers Paradise.

"There is a forgotten, nay almost forbidden word, which means more to me than any other. That word is England".

Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

Cottage Holidays Index

London: Arriving In The Nations Capital And Discovering Old London.

South-West England:England’s Most popular Destination For Country Cottage Holidays. Cob And Thatch Country, granite and stone cottages and the heart of the Cotswolds.

South-East England:The Garden Of England And The “Down’s”. Brick And Timber Frame Country.

The Home Counties: The counties that boarder London. Timberframe and thatch country.

Eastern England: The Norfolk Broads And Cambridgeshire. Timber Frame And Thatch Country.

The Midlands: The Heart Of England: Shakespeare Country, The Worcestershire Cotswold’s. Stone And Timber Frame Country.

North-West England: Cheshire, Lancashire and The Lake District. Stone Cottage and timberframe Country.

North-East England: Hadrian's Wall, The Yorkshire Moors and Dales. Stone cottage country.

National Parks Of England: Discover England’s Wild And Beautiful Nature.

National trails of England: Get Your Walking Boots On…

Country Life: Month By Month Calendar Of Country And Local Food Festivals In England.

Cottage Living: English Shops, Artisans And Resources For The Cottagers Lifestyle.

Holiday Cottages England: English Holiday Cottages To Rent.

Country Cottages: A Photographic Tour Of Country Cottages And Coastal Cottages In England.

Cottage Counties:The best cottage counties in England

Dartmouth in Devon

Photo: The butterwalk, Dartmouth in Devon

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