Cottage Gardening

Cottage gardening is all about working with mother nature. The cottager used kitchen waste and manure to make compost and chemicals were never used.

Pests and disease’s are less of a problem in the cottagers garden as many different types of plants are grown in one area, monoculture is not practised. Try to stick with organic gardening methods to keep with the cottage tradition.

The best way to learn about your garden is to practice gardening. Just a few days a week walking around and studying your plants will tell you all you need to know. Tackling problems when they are in their early stages can make life a little easier for the gardener.

Gardening is a lifestyle and takes time. Beautiful gardens do not grow overnight and a garden should not be forced. Work with mother nature not against her.

When you have your garden design and garden features planned then you are ready to begin gardening.

This section is dedicated to gardening. In here you will learn about organic gardening methods. There is also a month by month gardening calendar so you will be gently reminded each month of what you need to do in the garden.

“The man who has planted a garden feels that he has done something for the good of the world.”

Vita Sackville-West

Cottage Gardening Index

Gardening Tools: Essential gardening tools.

All About Soil: Types of soil and preparing the soil.

Making compost: Kitchen waste is the plant’s gourmet dinner.

Double digging: When your soil is ready it’s time to start digging.

Growing Flowers From Seeds: From seed to planting.

Planting By The Moon: Folklore tradition of planting with moon cycles.

Companion Planting: Traditional method of growing plants that compliment each other.

Crop Rotation: A planting system used in vegetable gardens to get the most from your soil.

Dividing Plants: How to divide perennials, bulbs and shrubs.

Garden Plants: Cottage favourites.

Gardening Calendar: A month-by-month guide to important gardening jobs in the garden.

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