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Cottage decorating is simply a reflection of your personality and  lifestyle and must also be authentic to your cottage. It is not difficult to decorate an old cottage or turn any room into a rural retreat. It just takes a bit of knowledge and time to find the right décor.

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The benefits of cottage living are that normally the cottage is on the small side, its easier to keep warm in winter and cool in summer. The smaller space will be easier to furnish and clean and help you keep down your clutter. 

Many small cottages do not have dining rooms and most of the living is done in the kitchen.

The English cottage represents the idea of escape, of childhood summers spent in the countryside, of sunny afternoons lazing on the garden bench under the rose bush or memories of Grandmas kitchen. It should welcome you home like an old friend and make you want to sit down on a comfy chair and stay a while.

In this chapter you can discover all about English cottage décor. If you live in an English cottage or just want to decorate a room English cottage style you will find the information you need in this chapter.

“Fare you well, old house you’re nought that can feel or see,
But you seem like a human being - a dear old friend to me”.

Will Carleton

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Kitchen.: Decorating the heart of the home, discover more about the history of cottage kitchens and traditional food. 

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