ECL proudly supports the charity Compassion In World Farming.

Farm animals all over the world need you to be their voice. If you would like to help them out simply go to CIWF webpage and subscribe to their mailing list. The link is below.

CIWF is campaigning to put an end to factory farming and the suffering of billions of farm animals around the world.

They also work hard to make the labels on food less misleading. Because the consumer has a right to know where their food is coming from

CIWF works hard to help animals who would not have a voice otherwise.

They are exposing the truth about factory farms and how unsustainable they are with the "Raw" investigation.

Find out how you can help in actively seeking global reform for billions of farm animals suffering around the world...

Here are a few of the campaigns that they are working on... 

Charity Campaigns...

  • Freeing Battery Farmed Hens
  • Better lives For Meat Chickens
  • Stopping Live Animal Exports
  • Freeing Pregnant Pigs In Stalls
  • Stop The Cutting of Pigs Tails (without anesthesia)
  • Stop The Pulling of Pigs Teeth (without anesthesia)
  • Factory Farmed Rabbits
  • Cloning = Cruel Campaign
  • A Better Life For Claves (veal farming)
  • The Dairy Cow In Intensive Farming
  • C.A.P Campaign
  • Exposing The truth About Factory Farming "RAW"
  • Humane Life and Slaughter For All Farmed Animals
  • Antibiotics Health Crisis

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Confused about food labels?

If you would like to help out by shopping for meat that has been raised with compassion the link below will help you.

If you are able to, buy British, organic, free range meat.

Britain has some of the highest animal welfare standards in the world, and British farmers pay more to produce meat because of this.

C.I.W.F Campaign...

Know "Your Food". Confused about food labels?  

Learn about food labelling here

Buy meat from your local butchers or farmers market, the seller will be able to tell you where and how they were raised and where they were slaughtered.

They can even give you great cooking tips ; )

Thank You

Farm Animals


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