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Celebrating England's Cottages

Are you enchanted like me, by the English cottage?

Do you dream of living in a cottage in England, surrounded by picturesque villages and glorious countryside?

Can you picture yourself living
the cottage lifestyle?

cotswolds village

Cottages are beloved by so many, whether we live among them or wonder upon these rural beauties while exploring England.

Cottages attract those of use wanting to live a greener or self-sufficient lifestyle and also for artists and writers, like myself, and anyone wanting to escape the city and relax in the countryside.

They represent the idea of the "good life" and as our lives become more chaotic in the modern world we long to return to nature, to a rural retreat in the countryside, if only for a while.

You don't have to live in an cottage to enjoy the lifestyle. It's a way of thinking as much as a way of living.

This website will help you get into that way of thinking, and show you how to create the cottage style wherever you live. We will explore these topics together...

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"The stranger who would form a correct opinion of English character must go forth into the country. He must sojourn in villages and hamlets; he must visit castles, villas, farmhouses, cottages; he must wander through parks and gardens, along hedges and green lanes; he must loiter about country churches, attend wakes and fairs and other rural festivals, and cope with the people in all their conditions and humors."


I am totally bewitched by England's Cottages…I hope you will be enchanted too.

Grab yourself a lovely cup of tea and cosy up to the English Cottage Lifestyle…

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